TrianGrill 450

A portable fire pit that doubles as a grill perfect for camping.

It comes flat packed making it perfect for any adventure. The frame is made from weathered steel so it is built to last and over time it will become as unique as you. 


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Why we do what we do

Since the dawn of time, fire has been at the centre of our evolution. It has brought people together and created community. With more and more people enjoying and exploring the great outdoors, the camp fire is synonymous with socialising. 

Gathering around to keep warm, to cook, or just to create that unmissable outdoor experience with the flickering of flames and cracking of fire wood, fire pits are part of a great adventure. 

Whether you’re in the wild or in your own garden, we want to make your outdoor experience memorable and safe for both you and your environment. 

Camper Van

Portable fire pits that are designed to go where you go

Our flat pack design is quick and super easy to assemble. Every TrianGrill comes with clear instructions that you will likely only need once, as you will have it down to a matter of seconds in no time. Taking it apart and storing it away is just as simple. Always remember to ensure that it has fully cooled before touching with bare hands.  

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